About Chris Marshall


Chris Marshall born Rotherham South Yorkshire. He attended Manchester College of Art & Design, graduating in 1968.

He moved to London where he became involved in experimental and radical art platforms, showing in alternative spaces, and becoming part of  the environmental art movement.

The Roundhouse, Chalk Farm(1968) provided an important focus, where he created an event for BBC Television. Events were initiated in many locations in London and the South East, including ‘Iceberg’(1970), a massive inflatable sculpture floated on St Katherine’s Dock, and an event with aerial sculptures in support of the student protests at Guildford School of Art (1968).

In 1974 he moved to Tyneside where he initiated many public artworks and exhibitions, including ‘Whalehouse’ where he transformed the ground floor of a council house into the interior of a Blue Whale.

Since 1978 he has lived and worked in London, where he has continued to work and show in galleries and public spaces nationally and internationally. This work has involved large scale commissions both permanent and temporary for significant sites in London and the UK. and the development of installations involving unusual materials, substances, and stuff. In 2007 he installed a permanently sited sculpture for  University Hospital Lewisham, ‘Blue Well’, fabricated from 3.5 tons of hand cast glass. In 2003 he incorporated 5000 used cigarette ends in a lightwork for Deptford X Festival, and in 2011 live duckweed was used to construct an installation.

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