Permanently sited in River Thames, Deptford Strand, London.1998

Commissioned by Sustrans

Mild steel rod, 4500mm diameter.

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A site specific sculpture permanently sited at Deptford Strand SE London.  The concept was to establish a permanent sculpture celebrating the sailing point for ships of discovery exploring the new world.  Deptford has a long history of shipbuilding and an exotic maritime tradition.  The sculpture  evolved out of intensive collaboration with the local environment geographically, historically and visually. A key objective was to evolve a sculpture that has a sense of place and belonging, a feeling that it has always been there.

Visually the structure of the sculpture in terms of scale and design was related to the surrounding space and environment.  There was an intention to create a sculpture that was sensitive to the dramatic changes in weather light , seasons etc. that would reflect moods and the dynamism of the river